Loan Number and Loan Codes for Airtel, Idea, Aircel, Vodafone, BSNL, Docomo, Reliance, and Telenor


                    Nearly all the popular telecom networks like Airtel, Aircel, Idea, Vodafone, Docomo, BSNL, Reliance, telenor etc. offer loan to their users. This is the new service offered by them and it proves very useful for all the users to get loan in emergency when they don’t have balance to make calls or SMS, or use the internet to get some information. Here we explain our users how to get loan from their respective telecom network provider.

What is Loan?

So, the nagging question in everyone’s mind will be, what is loan in telecom network? Telecom companies offer loan in terms of talktime or internet. Talktime Loan means that getting small amount of Talktime in an emergency. It is a very innovative idea, if you are in trouble then you can get Free Talktime. It helps us to make calls immediately in case of insufficient balance. Internet Loan means that getting Internet MB Loan for using the internet. If you want to use internet then you can take loan and use internet.

Here We’ll provide you USSD Codes for all network provider to get a loan during the time of emergency. All telecom companies provide Rs.10 recharge in the case of emergency when your SIM has zero balance for calling. For e.g if you need to make emergency calls and you don’t have enough balance to make a call on your sim. you need to send a free message to your sim company or dial the USSD Code to get the loan. Loan number or loan code is the last way to get recharge in the case of emergency. Well, all different companies have different loan number or loan codes. So it’s hard to remember those Loan codes, that’s why I am here to give you a whole list of working loan USSD Codes to get a loan. Just bookmark this page and you will get latest updates on this page. Here you will get Loan Codes or Loan Numbers for Airtel, Aircel, Reliance, Docomo, Telenor, Idea, Vodafone and BSNL.

These talk time loan and internet loan balance are very helpful. This service can save a lot of time of the customer. Previously we wrote about all the AIRTEL USSD Codes. Check it out here.
There are very high chances that your SIM balance gets zero and you will not be able to talk. However, you can recharge your SIM. But when you are in a place where there are no shops to recharge, you will end up in a trouble when an emergency situation comes. With that problem, SIM companies started their loan number or loan code service. You can also get Internet data loan.

First step for taking loan is to check whether our balance is less than Rs.5. Then only the network allows us to take loan. To check our balance, we can make use of the USSD Codes for all networks provided by them to check. As it is a LOAN, you will be charged extra by the Telecom provider. Mostly the charges are 30-40% extra. So, if you take a loan of Rs.10, you will be charged between Rs.13-Rs.15. So, lets directly go the procedure to get loan from different telecom providers.


Airtel Loan Number or Airtel Loan Code:

Are you in an emergency? You can take a loan from Airtel If you have your balance Below Rs 5. For this purpose, you need to dial Airtel loan number or Airtel Loan Code. So, if your SIM balance is below Rs 5 then just Dial *141*10# ( Airtel Loan Number ) or Call 52141, Now you will get Rs 10 Loan from Airtel. Then you have to pay when you recharge your phone next time. They will automatically deduct the loan amount when you recharge your SIM next time.

Airtel Internet Loan Number or Airtel Internet MB Loan Code:

You can also get Internet MB Loan in Airtel. There are many times people wants to get Internet MB Loan instead of talktime loan. Just Dial this Code *141*567# and then you will get 50MB Internet Loan for 2 days. However, when you will recharge your SIM next time then it will deduct Rs 15.

Vodafone Loan Number or Vodafone Loan Code:

Just like Airtel, you can take loan from Vodafone also. They too provide loan at a nominal price to its users which an be repaid back when the SIM is recharged. To get Loan, you must dial Vodafone Loan Number: 1241. or you can Send SMS CREDIT to 144 Or *111*10# then select chota recharge option from that menu and then reply with 1. You will get Rs 10 Vodafone Loan and when you will recharge your SIM Next time then it will deduct Rs 13 from your main balance.

Vodafone Internet Loan Number or Vodafone Internet MB Loan Code:

If you want to take Internet Loan in Vodafone then you are at right place. You can able to take Internet MB Loan with a simple sms. Just send this SMS ICREDIT to 144 then you will get 30MB 3G Data for only 1 Day. You will be charged Rs 10 for this service.

Idea Loan Number or Idea Loan Code:

Now, you got a loan in Vodafone. But wait some of the users have Idea Sim as well. Well, they don’t need to worry about it. I am here to give you full support. You can also get a loan by dialing Idea Loan Number.

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  • To get Rs 10 talktime Loan on your Idea Sim Just Dial Idea Loan Number: *150*10#.
  • To get Rs 20 talktime Loan on your Idea Sim Just Dial Idea Loan Number: *150*20#

However, different companies have different policies that’s why your balance must be below Rs 2 and you must be an Idea customer for at least 90 days. So, when you recharge your SIM next time, they will automatically deduct from your current balance. However, if you don’t want Rs 10 talktime loan then there is another loan code for your to get Rs talktime loan. To Get Rs 5 talktime loan on Idea just dial Idea Loan Number: *165*5#. They will deduct Rs 6 for this service. But your balance must be below Rs 1. Well, you can also get Rs 4 loan on Idea by dialing Idea Loan Number: *444#. Then they will deduct Rs 5 from your next recharge.

Idea Internet Loan Number Or Idea Internet Loan Code:

If you want to take emergency Internet loan in Idea then you have to use unique USSD Code. You can take 2G MB loan as well as 3G MB loan. It is very easy to take loan from Idea.

  • Dial *150*06# in your keypad, for this code you will get 25MB 2G Internet Loan in Idea and you will be charged Rs 6. When you will recharge your SIM then you will be charged at Rs 6.
  • Dial *150*333# in your Keypad, for this code you will get 35MB 3G Internet Loan in Idea and You will be charged at Rs 11. When you will recharge your SIM then your Rs 11 will deduct from your main balance.

However, if this code doesn’t work in your State then you can download and install My Idea App from play store and find Internet loan option  from there. Get Loan from there, no matter where you live, you will get Internet Loan or MB loan in Idea with the help of My Idea App.

Aircel Loan Number or Aircel Loan Code:

Aircel is now also offering loan for their users. If your balance is below Rs 10 then you can easily able to get a loan. To take a loan from Aircel Dial Aircel Loan Code or Aircel Loan Number: *414# or call 12880 or SMS LOAN to 55414. After getting the loan, you will be charged for Rs 2 extra. That means you will be charged for Rs 12.

Reliance Loan Number or Reliance Loan Code:

Well, reliance is also on this list. They are also offering loan service for their customers. If you are Reliance Gsm customer then you can able to take Rs 5 or Rs 10 loan from Reliance. but you should know the Reliance loan number or Reliance Loan code.

  • Just Dial this Reliance Loan Number For Rs 5 : *141*5#.
  • Just Dial this Reliance Loan Number For Rs 10: *141*10#.
  • SMS YCR to 51234.

After dialing this, you will have 2 options to get loan Rs 5 and Rs 10. Just select one of them and get a loan from there.

BSNL Loan Number or BSNL Loan Code:

So, BSNL users can also get a loan by dialing BSNL Loan Code. However, there are very fewer people who know BSNL Loan Number. Don’t worry I am here to give you BSNL Loan Number. Well, you might think How to get Loan on BSNL. To get Loan on BSNL, Just SMS CREDIT to 53738. Now, if you recharge your BSNL SIM within 24 Hrs then you will be charged only Rs 10. However, if you will not able to recharge your BSNL Sim within 24 Hrs then you will be charged Rs 11 only.

Docomo Loan Number or Docomo Loan Code:

Getting Loan on Docomo is very easy. Just Dial *444# or *369#  to get Loan on Docomo Sim and then follow all other instructions.

Telenor Loan Number or Docomo Loan Code:

With Telenor Emergency Load, you can now get a loan of Rs.15.00. This loan amount can be used for all prepaid services excluding Balance Transfer. They will charge an extra fee of Rs.3. Toget loan on Telenor, Dial *141# from your Dialer, and simply follow on-screen instructions to get Rs. 5 loan from your Telenor SIM card.


So, with all these USSD Codes and Numbers, I hope you can avail loan at difficult and in emergency situations. Most of the codes here are tested and are in working condition. If you find any codes not working, comment below and we will try to get it rectified as soon as possible. Share with your friends to let them know about these USSD Codes for next time they are in trouble :).


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