All Airtel USSD Codes List to Check Balance, 2G/3G/4G Net Balance and Other Services


USSD Codes are very useful and efficient way to check the services provided by the network. Airtel USSD Codes helps us to check our Airtel SIM Card balance, to find our own number, to check internet balance, check other related services and to activate some services provided by AIRTEL. A user who is new will not know about all the services provided by them or its USSD to know its balance or other things. We have to keep on calling the customer care to know our account, internet balance or the new services which are announced by AIRTEL and we cannot get to know about it and in turn, we miss great deals.
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What is USSD Code?

You must be wondering what is a USSD Code? USSD  stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data Codes. These codes work like a protocol with their own rules. The USSD codes are provided by the network for their users for quick access. They run automatically, only that we have to select the value for it.
We can get information about all the services and offers by AIRTEL directly and we don’t have the problem of calling the customer care frequently and enquiring about the current services or our balance.

So, here we provide all the USSD associated with AIRTEL to our users so they will not face any in knowing any services or their balance.airtek USSD codes image


Here is a list of all the basic AIRTEL USSD Codes which becomes handy for basic uses like checking talk time,SMS, Internet Data Balance, local/STD minutes etc.

Airtel Main Account balance code *123#
 SMS balance check code *123*2#
 2G Internet Data (GPRS) balance check code *123*10#
 3G Internet Data (GPRS) balance check code *123*11#
 4G internet data (GPRS) balance code *123*11#
 local minute balance check *123*1#
 STD minute balance code *123*8#
 local SMS Balance code *123*2#
 STD SMS Balance *123*3#
 own number *121*1#
 loan number  *141*10#
Main menu code *121#
 Special Best offer check code *121*1#
 2G Internet Data Pack check *121*8#
 3G Internet Data Pack check  *121*8#
 4G Internet Data Pack check *121*8#
 VAS – Value Added Service code *121*4#
 Activate Airtel VAS (value added service) services SMS “START” to 121
 Deactivate Airtel VAS (value added service) services SMS “STOP” to 121

“Note – All The Codes Above Are For Airtel Network Only”


A very important part of us using different kinds of service provider is for the Internet. Since AIRTEL offers one of the best services in this, we should know about the details to activate internet pack or to check internet balance. It is quite easy and requires less time.

To check 2G Data Balance in Airtel:

Dial: *123*10# (A window will pop up displaying the validity and the balance)

To check 3G Data Balance in Airtel:

Dial: *123*11# (A window will pop up displaying the validity and the balance)/

How To Check Airtel Main Balance:

Dial: *123# or 121*1# (A window will pop up displaying the validity and the balance)

The above-provided codes are the basic codes which we use very frequently. There are many other USSD Codes which are handy to know other details. These codes are given below:

Airtel Mobile Balance Code  *123# or *121*1#
Own Mobile Number  *121*1# or *121*9#
 Main Balance Code  *121*2#
 Mobile 3G Internet Data Balance  *121*2# and proceed to 1
 Voice Pack Balance Code  *121*2# and proceed to 2
 SMS Balance Code  *121*2# and proceed to 3
 Other Balance Check  *121*2# and proceed to 4
 Mobile Recharge by  Coupon  *121*3# and enter your coupon
 Hello Tune  *121*4#
 Active Services list Check Code  *121*5#
 Digital TV account Detail  *121*6# or Miss Call on 8130081300
 Last 5 Debit Charge Check Code  *121*7#  and type 1
 Value Added Service Code  *121*7# and type 2
 Last 5 Charge on Voice Code  *121*7# and type 3
 Last SMS/MMS Detail  *121*7# and type 4
 5 Last Internet Data Deduction Detail  *121*7# and type 5
 Last 5 Recharge Detail  *121*7# and type 6
 2G Cyber Cafe For 1 Hour Pack Rs.9  *121*8# and type 1
 All 2G Internet Pack Details  *121*8# and type 2
 All 3G/4G Internet Pack Details  *121*8# and type 3
 2G/3G Internet Data Loan Code  *121*8# and type 4
 Free Wynk Detail  *121*8# and type 6
 50 L+N SMS Pack  *121*10# and type 3
 10 Local + National Minutes  *121*10# and type 4
 50 A2A Night minute Pack  *121*10# and type 5
 Internet@Rs.7 (20MB/day)  *121*10# and type 6
 Roaming Packs Detail  *121*10# and type 7
 SMS Packs Detail  *121*10# and type 8
 Voice Packs Detail  *121*10# and type 9
 Special Exclusive Packs  *121*30# and type 44 and type 4
 Daily Packs Details  *121*30# and type 44 and type 5
 Deactivate your activated Packs  *121*30# and type 44 and type 6
 SMS Activation Pack 1)  *110*5# – Get 150 L+N SMS valid for 1 day
 SMS Activation (Pack 2)  *110*3# – Get 60 L+N SMS valid for 1 day
 SMS Activation (Pack 3)  *110*3# – Get 20 L+N SMS valid for 1 day
 Missed Call Alert Service  *888#
 SMS Deactivation mode  *110#
 DND in Airtel  Dial 1909 and follow the instructions
 Gift Service  *141#
 Recharge code Number  Dial 123
 My offer USSD  *121#
 Twitter Service  *515#
 Facebook Service  *325#
 Balance Transfer Code  *141#
 Mobile Number Portability  SMS PORT to 1909



Sometimes, it happens that our problems are not solved by these USSD Codes hence we need to talk to the customer care privately. We can do that easily by calling the customer care at 121(Charges at 50 paisa/3 minutes, Agent assistance) or by calling the toll free number 198 for complaints and service requests. We can mail them at (include your mobile number in the subject of the mail for quick response) or call any of these numbers according to your circle. Here is a list of all the customer care number for various states:

Circle Prepaid Postpaid
Andhra Pradesh  9849098490  9849012345
 Assam  9954099540 9954012345
 Bihar & Jharkhand 9934099340  9934012345
 Chennai  9840198401 9840012345
 Delhi NCR  9810198101  9810012345
 Gujarat  9898098980  9898012345
 Haryana  9896098960  9896012345
 Himachal Pradesh  9816098160  9816012345
 Jammu Kashmir  9906099060  9906012345
 Karnataka  9845098450  9845012345
 Kerala  9895198951  9895012345
 Kolkata  9831098310  9831012345
 MP & Chattisgarh  9893098930  9893012345
 Maharashtra & Goa  9890098900  9890012345
 Mumbai  9892098920  9892012345
 North East  9862098620  9862012345
 Orissa  9937099370  9937012345
 Punjab  9815098150  9815012345
 Rajasthan  9950099500  9829012345
 Tamil Nadu  9894198941  9894012345
 UP East  9935199351  9935012345
 UP West & Uttarakand  9897098970  9897012345
 West Bengal  9933099330  9933012345

Final Words ~

Now, with all these information you can easily solve all the problems related with AIRTEL. Share this with your friends to show them this list of Airtel network USSD codes for balance,Data,Sms etc and Customer Care number for their respective circles.
Most of the codes are working if you find any code ain’t working please comment below.We shall try to remove it with working one.
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